1 Location : CH 14.100 RHS, R500 Jalan Kota Kinabalu - Keningau - Tenom, Penampang District
2 Type of Failure : Hillslide, loose earth washed down from hill to carriageway rendered both lanes impassable to vehicles. Extent of failure, approx. 7.0m width x 20m length x 5.0m thick with toppled SESB live cables on carriageway.
3 Date and Time of Occurrence : 29 Sept 2017, 4:15 pm.
4 Road Accessibility a. Main road linking KK to Tambunan Keningau & Tenom was totally cut off at 4.15pm.
b. Both lanes were inaccessible.
5 Number of Casualty   None was reported.
6 Weather   Torrential rain during that evening.
7 Action Taken a. Temporary warning signs & full time traffic management at site during the incident .
b. Hitachi and lorries have been arranged to site.
c. SESB was inform to shut down live fallen cables on carriageway before clearing work can be carried out.
8 Latest Update a. At present both side was jammed up with vehicles as arrangement to deploy machineries and shutting down live cables by SESB being carried out.
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